Batch Furnaces

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ALD France has developed horizontal batch furnaces for the sintering and annealing of nuclear fuel as well as for the conversion of Uranium Oxide UO2 into Uranium Carbide UC and Uranium Nitride UN.

This furnaces type closes the gap between laboratory size manufacturing and large-scale manufacturing with GWSmo pusher furnaces.

Key figures

  • Capacity and treatment space adjustable to customer requirements
  • Temperature: up to 1900 °C
  • Operational pressure: 1 mbar
    up to 1 bar
  • Process Gas: Ar, H2, Ar/H2 N2, N2 /H2
  • Gas Flow: 5 m³/h to 50 m³/h


 Batch furnace with electrical supply for HTR fuel

These batch furnaces can be arranged as multiple unit system. An automated operation system for automated loading and transportation enables a flexible increase of the production capacity from a pilot plant to a production site.



Furnace chamber and load transport system of a UN synthesis furnace





Bath Furnace Chambers with automized load transport system