Welcome to ALD France

ALD France is a supplier and specialist in single chamber nitriding and tempering furnaces, as well as special furnaces for the nuclear industry. We offer innovative standard or customized solutions for all types of heat treatment furnaces, for all industries and the nuclear sector.

Our global control of our supply chain, from the design to the final testing of furnaces, as well as for retrofits of existing installations. This gives us full capacity to transform individual innovations into a reliable automated processes, enabling a competitive equipment and service supply.

Nitriding Solutions

ALD France has been appointed by ALD Vacuum Technologies as the group’s specialist for material nitriding processes and solutions. ALD France offers a wide range of standard gas vacuum furnaces for the industry, supported by a team of highly qualified specialists and well-equipped metallurgy laboratory.

Nuclear Applications

ALD France is a worldwide expert for furnaces in nuclear applications. We offer innovative solutions for the waste management and recycling of metal parts coming from dismantling of Nuclear Power Plants. The culture of nuclear safety, implementa­tion design, manufacturing, codes and application of stringent quality standards of our industry are part of the DNA of ALD France.

Heat Treatment

ALD France offers standard, innovative and customized heat treatment solutions for materials, thermochemical processes, industries and laboratories. Since we have an overall control of our in-house production chain from designing to refurbishing, we have a real ability to transform customized innovations into automated reliable and permanent processes for achieving your optimal owner­ship cost


ALD France provides support and services to customers world-wide and is available for the development of nitriding processes, in-depth metallurgical R&D, as well as technical and economical feasibility studies of customer projects for furnaces, for the industry or for nuclear activities. ALD France will also provide servicing and maintenance for the very large base of furnaces installed since 1994.

Renewal of ISO9001 certification

ALD France has again successfully passed its ISO 9001-2015 certification on September 2023.

ALD France ISO9001-2015 certification