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ALD France

ALD France, subsidiary of ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH in Germany, is the merger of two companies, FNAG and TIV, both from Grenoble, and manufacturers of industrial furnaces.

ALD France has a long history and great experience in vacuum heat treatment equipment and nuclear applications.

We benefit from the long term experience of Degussa, one of the first manufacturers of MOX sintering furnaces and from the leading position of our parent company ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH in the vacuum heat treatment market.


Activity of ALD France

Our Company offers highly engineered products and furnace systems, designed for research institutes, high tech industries.

As the market leader in sintering furnaces, we design and manufacture a wide range of other types of furnaces. Our leadership position is further enhanced through our high product quality and customer service.

We have strong position as a global worldwide supplier. ALD France equipment meets the highest safety standards in terms of security.


ALD France has been appointed by ALD Vacuum Technologies as the group’s specialist for material nitriding processes and solutions. ALD France offers a wide range of standard gas vacuum furnaces for the industry, supported by a team of highly qualified specialists and well-equipped metallurgy laboratory.


ALD France is a world expert in furnaces for nuclear applications. ALD France is involved in the NewMOX® product. We offer innovative solutions for the waste management and recycling of metal parts from the dismantling of Nuclear Power Plants. The culture of nuclear safety, implementa­tion design, manufacturing, codes and application of stringent quality standards of our industry are part of ALD France’s DNA.

Heat Treatment

ALD France offers standard, innovative and customized heat treatment solutions for materials. Since we have an overall control of our in-house production chain from designing to refurbishing, we have are able to transform customized innovations into automated reliable and permanent processes to achieve your optimal owner­ship cost.


ALD France provides support and services to customers on a world-wide base.

ALD France supports customers in the process development such as heat treatment and in the nitriding technology, as ALD Vacuum Technologies is operating base of heat treatment service centers in various countries.