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ALD France is a specialized supplier for furnaces required in the nuclear fuel manufacturing process.

This includes furnaces for

 ALD France is the world leading supplier for Mixed Oxide Fuel [1] (MOX) sintering furnace. ALD France has a proven technology which guaranties the handling of MOX fuel without contamination of the sintering plant. ALD France has supplied of about 30 furnaces [2] to all producers of MOX fuel in the Western World such as MELOX (F), BNFL (UK) and BN (B).

ALD France develops also application for future alternative nuclear fuels out of uranium carbide, uranium nitride or uranium metal alloys. Such fuel types will be utilized or are already used in next generation reactors as Fast Breeders or SMRs.


 [1] Mixed Oxide Fuel is a mixture of Plutonium Oxide and depleted Uranium Oxide
[2] Including projects from the forerunners Degussa, Leybold Durferit, ALD-VT