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ALD France

Founded in 2014 as a merger of Furnaces Nuclear Applications
Grenoble SAS (FNAG) and Thermique Industrie Vide SAS (TIV)
specialized in furnaces for heat treatment.

Furnace Nuclear Application Grenoble, FNAG, was founded in
2008 out of the nuclear division of ALD Vacuum Technologies to
work on the MOX Technology.

Thermique Industrie Vide, TIV, was created in 1994 with the business for custom-designed heat-treatment furnaces.

The forerunners DEGUSSA and ALD Vacuum Technologies were
suppliers of sintering furnaces for nuclear fuel since the 70th of the last century.

Since its origin, ALD France has been delivering furnaces and
transferring know-how for the sintering of nuclear fuel pellets
since 1971.

In 2013 ALD France designed and manufactured the world largest
vacuum annealing furnace worldwide for the nuclear fusion
project ITER.