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ALD France’s know-how is based upon the long experience of  sintering furnaces. 

ALD France is offering pusher type furnaces for sintering and dewaxing under gas atmosphere (GWSmo), which guarantee the reliability and the process temperature homogeneity for high quality and productivity. These furnaces show an outstanding reliability with low operation cost.

Key Features

  • Pre-Sintering Zone: 900 °C
  • Sintering Zone: 1800 °C
  • Process Gas: Hydrogen
  • Purge Gas: Nitrogen
    Production Rate: approx. 45 kg / hour
  • Sintering Zone Length: 2100 mm
    Length can be adjusted on customers demand.

Pusher-Furnace Type GWSmo 25/14/210

Based on this long-term experience with the GWSmo furnaces, ALD France developed a new modular concept of a UO2 sintering furnace with the following key features:

  • Flexibility capacity
  • The modular concept allows an adaptation of the production capacity by later adding sintering modules.
  • Maintainability
  • Each furnace module contains a casing with brick-lining and heating elements. Like a cartridge inside the cylinder, the casing can be removed very quickly and replaced by a new or revamped one.
  • By drastic reduction (80%) of the maintenance time (MTTR) in comparison with the former technology.
  • Sintering of UO2 fuel pellets from reprocessed Uranium

Modular GWSmo