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The use of plutonium as nuclear fuel implies extremely high requirements in terms for the design and the manufacturing of equipment.

It must ensure:

  • Absolute leak tightness to avoid the release of Pu particles outside of the equipment during operation and the maintenance.
  • Absolute leak tightness even in case of an accidental case (seismic event, loss of power and/or cooling, …).
  • The furnace as well as the auxiliary equipment are designed and manufactured according to the highest level of safety requirements of the nuclear industry.

ALD France is the worldwide leading supplier of MOX sintering furnaces. Base is a modular gas atmosphere pusher and dewaxing furnace (GWSmo) with special glove boxes for the enclosing the load inlet and outlet system as well as the of gas treatment unit.

Furthermore, the system can be provided shielding which allows the production of MOX with a Plutonium content of 30 %.

Key Features

  • Pre-Sintering Zone 900 °C
  • Sintering Zone: 1800 °C
  • Process Gas: Argon / Hydrogen
  • Sintering Zone Length: 2100 mm
  • Capacity: 20 up to 40 tons MOX per year

MOX sintering furnace